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I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them everywhere, in the car, at work, even at home the night we lost power! I discovered podcasts this past year and I have learned a lot through the stories I've heard.

Here are a list of my favorite podcasts:

Embedded: This is an NPR podcast where they take a deep dive into a particular issue. The episodes are so intriguing I don't want to get out of the car when I get to my destination because I want to hear the end so badly. One of the best episodes chronicled drug addiction in a small town.

Favorite Episode: The House

Women of the Hour: Lena Dunham talks about everything from love to body image to her work on Girls. I love Lena for her honesty; she tells it like it is and she understands the importance of women who help and support other women. Her podcast is funny, heartfelt and heartbreaking all at the same time.

The Moth: I love podcasts that feature stories and there are so many of them out there, but The Moth seems is definitely the best. Each episode features a few true stories told by people on-stage at Moth events across the country and their stories are incredible.

Lore: This is one I have to be in the mood for, but the episodes are really well done. Each episode chronicles a different story of folklore.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People: Each episode of this podcast is one person calling in and talking to the host, Chris Gethard, for an hour about anything they want. Some of the episodes are incredibly interesting, just hearing real people talk about their lives and the interesting stories that come from someone anonymously baring their soul fascinates me.

Criminal: This podcast features stories about real crimes They are told extremely well and they are immensely interesting.

Favorite Episodes: Melinda and Judy, Money Tree

Serial: This is the first podcast I ever listened to and if you have never heard it, you need to listen to the first season. It chronicles a single case revolving around the death of a young girl and her boyfriend, who was put in jail for the crime but claims he is innocent.

Accused and Up and Vanished: Similar, though not as good as Serial, these podcasts both follow the death of young women and all the details regarding the investigations of their murders.

Stranglers: This is a podcast chronicling the Boston Strangler crimes and it is really interesting.

TED Radio Hour: Based on TED talks from some truly inspiring people, I love to listen to this one when I'm in the mood to learn something.

This American Life: This is a story podcast hosted by Ira Glass. The stories that are told are always interesting and range from astonishing to heartbreaking.

Death, Sex and Money: This is a great podcast that touches on all the important things in life. I have heard some incredible stories about families, love, death, hope and losing faith.

Try Episodes: A Dirty Cop Comes Clean, Falling in Love...With Heroin

Here to Make Friends: If you love The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise (guilty pleasure, don't judge) you have to listen to this podcast. Two girls dish on all things Bachelor related and comment on the past weeks episode.

I use the Overcast app to listen to all of my favorite podcasts. Please tell me what your favorite podcasts are, I always love finding new podcasts to listen to.

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