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Goals for the New Year

2017 is almost here and I am excited for what the New Year will bring! Hopefully a wedding venue and a house!!

I love setting goals for the New Year. I also love meeting them, but hey, you can't have everything! I like to have a mix of easy to check off measurable goals and some more abstract goals.

Here are my goals for 2017

Grow my blog, reach 500 subscribers!

Get promoted at work

Grow my business! The goal is 100 sales in 2017

Have more photos taken of Andy and I

  • Finding pictures for the holiday card was way more difficult than it should have been!

Read 100 books

  • I love to read and have reached this goal in the past, but it definitely didn't happen in 2016

Buy a house

  • This would mean we'd have to settle on a state and a town, nevermind the actual house

Set a wedding date! This means I have to pick a venue, eek!

Run a mile/week. Run a 5k for charity

  • I have done the 5k in the past, so this should be doable!

Do yoga once a week

Eat healthier, aka less pasta

Take more photos, learn to use my DSLR

Increase my Instagram presence, 1000 followers within the year

Organize my makeup/hair products

Stick to a beauty regimen (moisturize consistently before bed)

What are your goals for the New Year? Let me know below in the comments section!

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