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Travel Necessities

Whether it's a quick weekend trip or a longer vacation, these are the items I never leave home without.

Fire Stick: I recommend the Amazon fire stick to everyone. We tried the Roku but it wasn't as user friendly. The fire stick allows you to easily watch Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go and a ton of other streaming options (as long as you have subscriptions to them). Most of the hotels we stay in have HDMI ports we can plug it into so we can watch our favorite shows anywhere we are.


Ponds Facewipes: These are my favorite to travel with. They can be packed in your carry on and can be used when you get off the plane so you feel refreshed! They are great at removing makeup and a lot easier to pack then face wash. My favorite scent is the lavender!

Available at Target!

Smaller Zip-Up Bags: Whether these are makeup bags or just small bags, I like to be as organized as possible when I travel. I like to put all my makeup in one bag and any hair products I'm bringing in another. I also like to grab a bag to put all the chargers in so that we don't lose them or have to desperately search through a suitcase when we are down to 10% (heaven forbid the phone dies). I always make sure to stash some bandaids and triple antibiotic cream too just in case anyone gets injured!

(Aryn Payne)

I also recently bought Andy his own "manly" toiletries bag so that he could put his deodorant and razor in his own bag instead of mine :)


iPad/Surface: I can do a lot on my phone but it's really nice to have a larger screen in case I want to do some research or if I need to get some work done. I used to bring my iPad mini everywhere but now I take my Surface. It's a little larger, but the keyboard makes it so easy to use.

Weekend Bag: For my birthday last year, Andy got me a bag I had been eyeing for a while. While pricey, I think it's worth the investment to have a nice weekend bag that you can take anywhere and will last. My Barrington Gifts Belmont Cabin Bag is just that, it's gorgeous, quality made and holds everything I need!

(Barrington Gifts)

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