• Aryn Forman

Worry Less, Smile More

I worry about the little things, about the big things, pretty much about all the things. I am always in my head. I worry about big-picture things like losing my parents, losing my job or how I'm ever going to save enough money for retirement. I worry about the smaller things like whether I locked the car doors, whether I'm going to be late for work or how on earth I am going to plan my wedding. In summary, I spend a lot of time worrying!

Even though I spend a lot of time worrying, I know that worrying is mostly pointless. There are some things in life that you simply cannot fix. In this life, bad things will happen and I believe it is a good idea to be prepared, but to endlessly worry about them, that is not so good.

A smart friend of mine shared the following: Worrying is needless because if something will happen, it will happen, but if you worry about it, it's like it happens over and over.

This really speaks to me, because it is so simple and so true.

When I'm worried, I like to refocus on something that brings me joy. Often times this is listening to music or putting on a podcast. You can read about some of my favorite podcasts here.

What are the things you worry about and how do you refocus on happier things?

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