• Aryn Forman

Swimsuit Roundup

I've been scouring Pinterest for the best swimsuits this summer and I finally narrowed it down to two bikinis!

This adorable suit from Cupshe is only 29.99 and offers more cover than a typical bikini! This was super cute and my second choice, but I decided I only needed to buy one!

Ok so I bought 7 swimsuits on Amazon a few weeks ago. As a rule, I don't advocate buying 7 swimsuits at one time, but I needed one for a weekend in the Hamptons and I really hate trying them on in fitting rooms!

Of the seven, this is the one I ultimately decided on. It was only 19.99 and super cute. It offered the right amount of coverage and I felt the best in it. The back crosses in a sexy way but it still provided the support I wanted.

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