• Aryn Forman

Buying for Baby

There are so many items out there for babies, it's actually insane. As a new parent, I felt like I had to have everything because I really had no idea what I would need. We were very lucky because our friends and family were incredibly generous and bought so many of the items we registered for. I used Amazon for my registry and loved it. It was so easy to add/remove items and you could even track who you sent thank-you cards to. However, there were so many items that I just couldn't pay full price for or ask anyone else to pay full price for. That is when we turned to Facebook Marketplace. You can find literally anything on there and it feels much safer than Craigslist. We found everything from bouncers to baby clothes. The thing with newborns is that they grow out of everything so quickly so a lot of items we bought used were actually brand new or had been used once. Also, newborns are picky so a lot of people end up selling things their baby didn't love!

Tips for Buying Used/New Items on Facebook Marketplace

1. Do your research

  • This is true of anything you buy, but especially second-hand items. Make sure you know what an item is worth brand-new so you know what a reasonable price for a used version of that item is.

2. Don't be afraid to negotiate

  • I've found that most people are very willing to take 5/10 dollars less than they listed the item for and almost everyone takes Venmo.

3. Porch pickup is the safest option

  • Due to COVID and having a newborn, I don't really want to interact with strangers, so I always ask that the item be left outside for contactless pickup. This has worked out great and I have never had a problem.

4. Pay after you see the item

  • I always send the Venmo payment once I have confirmed the item is what I was looking for and is in good shape. Don't be afraid to say no thank you if it's not what you wanted or is not in the condition advertised

5. Wash everything before using

  • No matter whether we buy baby things brand new or used, I always wash everything before I use it.

Some of our best buys have been a barely used DockATot for $20 and a free 4moms rockaRoo that just needed a new power cord!

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